Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Buy a Workshop

Buying a workshop is a good way to invest in a passive income. It is one of the two kinds of major trades you can buy in Bannerlord. There are workshops and caravans. Workshops are lower profit but there is no risk involved. Caravans bring in a higher income but has a huge risk of getting attacked and therefore very high risk. So if you want to take the steady approach you should go for a workshop. This guide will teach you how to buy a workshop in Bannerlord and why you should buy one.

This guide is a part of the complete Bannerlord guide covering most of frequently asked questions for the game.

What are the benefits of buying a workshop?

Workshops in Bannerlord is a guaranteed way to earn a passive income. You also don’t have to do anything after you buy it as it operates all by itself without needing input from the player. It brings a very low income of around 100 denars each day but as long as there is no risk involved it will end up being a profit for the player in the long term. The income each day can vary – some days might give 200 denars while others might give 0 denars.

In short having a workshop is a very safe investment that will net you a profit after a while. If you have enough shops up and running you might not even have to pay your troops out of your own pocket anymore.

We have another guide for the more risky approach of buying a caravan.

How to buy a workshop

Pick a city

Picking the right town is very important for buying a workshop compared to a caravan. There are different kinds of workshops producing different goods which will net different profits. The location also matters as the goods produced have different prices in different towns. The workshop will buy the materials needed directly from the markets in the town where it’s located. You want to choose a town with cheap materials for your produce. (For example if grain is very cheap you would want to buy a brewery to produce beer for a cheap price).

Other factors are:

  • Prosperity of towns
  • Prosperity of nearby villages
  • Wars and raids
  • Caravans and trade routes

This means that different games might have different approaches for workshop types that are best because the situations might vary.

Spreadsheet of workshops
u/Droblue ‘s spreadsheet of best workshops. (Image 1)

The redditor u/Droblue has made a spreadsheet (Image 1) of the best workshop productions for different locations. This is a general list so it might not be the case in your current game but it’s a good start at least.

Buying the workshop

How to find workshop location
Location to buy workshop

To buy a workshop you have to enter the town where you want to buy your new workshop. Hold down ALT on your keyboard so you can see highlighted locations. There are different workshop names in different towns but the names are:

  • Smithy – (Requires Iron Ore, hardwood and linen)
  • Tannery – (Requires Hides and linen)
  • Velvet Weavery – (Requires Cotton)
  • Wine Press – (Requires Grapes)
  • Wood Workshop – (Requires Hardwood)
  • Wool Weavery – (Requires Wool)
  • Brewery – (Requires Grain)
  • Linen Weavery – (Requires Flax)
  • Olive Press – (Requires Olives)
  • Pottery Shop – (Requires Clay)
  • Silversmith – (Requires Silver Ore)

When you find one of the names you have to walk all the way over to it. (It doesn’t have to be the type that you want to operate because you will be given the choice to select any type).

There will stand a man called “Shop Worker”. Talk with him and click “I would like to buy this workshop.” Then pay the 14.000 denars that it costs. He will ask what kind of workshop you want to start. Select whichever type of workshop you want to operate. That’s it. You have now bought your own workshop.

How to change production type

Change workshop production location
Change workshop production tab

If your workshop is generating a very low income it might be time to change things up. You might want to research the raw materials prices in the town and change the workshop to a corresponding type. To change the production type do the following:

  1. Go back to the campaign map and click on the clan tab.
  2. Click on “Other” tab.
  3. Click “Change Production”
  4. Choose whichever production you think will work the best.

And that’s how to buy a workshop in Bannerlord.

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