Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – Best Ways to Get Influence

To become a purposeful lord in the realm you need influence. Without influence you can’t partake in any politics within your faction. You also need influence to gather a strong army to help you conquer the realm. This guide will show you the best ways to get influence fast in Bannerlord.

This guide is a part of the complete Bannerlord guide covering most of frequently asked questions for the game.

Best ways to gain influence

There are plenty of ways to get influence in Bannerlord. It is mainly earned by helping your faction in a vast amount of ways – some ways better and faster than others.

Fight grand battles for your faction

Large faction battle screen
Large battle. Gave me 9.6 influence (Because the total is hared between every lord in the party)

Fighting battles against enemy factions is one of the best ways to gain influence fast. The stronger the enemy the more influence you will gain. You can earn more than 40 influence per battle if the enemy is much stronger than you.

Joining a large army from your faction will give you influence every day after they run out of food. You will need a huge amount of food in your inventory as you will be the supplier for every single lord and their party. But you can usually gain around 2-3 influence per day for doing so, so it’s worth it if you are in heavy need of influence. Overall joining a party is a good idea as you gain both passive influence from feeding them and even more influence when the army is fighting the enemy.


  • The higher impact you and your own troops have in battle the more influence you gain when fighting alongside allies. (Kill more enemies)


Kingdom influence policy screen
Sacred Majesty policy which increase influence gain by +3 per day

There are a lot of kingdom policies in the game which will change your influence gain in many different ways. Some will decrease your influence gain while others will increase it. It depends on if you are the clan leader or a vassal. Take a look at the policies screen and propose the policies that you see fit. There is also a policy which reduces army influence cost by a large margin. If you are the ruler I recommend proposing the “Sacred Majesty” policy which gives the ruler clan +3 influence per day.


Some perks comes with an influence bonus. Some are passive while others will force you out in activity.

Perks to increase influence gain

  • Champion (charm 125) – Gain +10 more influence by winning tournaments.
  • Our Glorious Leader (Charm 175) – You gain 20% more influence from personal actions.
  • Pro Familia (Charm 175) – Clan member parties gain 10% more influence from actions.
  • Immortal Charm (Charm 275) – Every 5 skills after 250 gives you +1 influence point per day.
  • Relocation (Steward 150) – Influence gain from donating troops are increased by 25%.

Reduce influence cost perks

  • Inspiring leader (Leadership 175) – 20% less influence needed to call parties to army.
  • Call To Arms (Leadership 150) – 15% less influence required per party to call to your army.
  • Encirclement (Leadership 200) – 10% less influence needed to boost army cohesion.

You can see an interactive list of all the perks on

Other ways to gain influence

  • Build a forum in your town to increase influence gain by +0.5 per upgrade.
  • Donate troops to friendly settlements. Doesn’t work if it’s your own settlements. (Stronger troops gives more influence)
  • Siege castles.

How to spend influence

Form armies

Army creation screen with influence cost
Army creation screen

A great way to spend your influence is to capture castles for expanding your kingdom. You can do this easily by forging an army with as many lords from your faction as possible. I recommend not using any influence until you have a significant amount so you can create one huge army that can destroy anything in its path.

If you find yourself in a though spot against an enemy army besieging your town you can also spend your influence to have the lords gather for a defense.

Participate in kingdom politics

Influence allows you to be a part of the decision making in the kingdom. The more influence you use for the vote the more you will skew the chances in your favor. It allows you to do the following:

  • Vote who receives a fief.
  • Vote who receives a reassigned fief.
  • Propose a declaration of war against another faction.
  • Propose to expel another clan from your faction.
  • Support another clan by increasing their influence by spending your own.
  • Propose and vote for new kingdom policies.

Earn money if you are a mercenary

If you are a mercenary you can’t spend the influence. However all the influence you gain will slowly be turned into money which is paid daily. So if you are short of cash while a mercenary, go fight some enemy factions to earn denars both from the loot and the mercenary bonus.

That’s it for my list of advice for best ways to earn influence in Bannerlord. Enjoy!

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